Kuih Bingka



Ingredients required:

1. 3 cups flour 

2. 1 ½ cups of sugar 

3. 400 ml coconut milk 

4. 1 cup water blended pandan from 10 pandan leaves

5. 4 eggs 

6. A little salt & margarine 

Here’s how it’s prepared: 

1. First, put in flour, sugar, coconut milk, pandan water, eggs and salt in a blender. Blend mixture until there are no lumps of flour. 

2. Then spread margarine on the pan and pour batter into it. 

3. Close the pan and bake on the stove over low heat for 30-40 minutes or until the edges look crisp. 

4. Turn off the stove and leave it for a moment before cutting. It is then ready to be served. Give it a try!

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