6 Healthy Malaysian Dishes


Every year (or month…) some of us come up with the resolution to be healthy and eat better. But we live in Malaysia and we all know how hard that is. Food is everywhere… and quite irresistible.

Fortunately, there are food that can actually be quite healthy for us.

1. Thosai


One of the healthy alternatives to flatbreads, thosai is a made from a mixture of rice and black grams. The batter is left to ferment overnight. After the overnight fermentation, the batter is mixed with water until it gets the desired thickness.

The batter is then cooked on a lightly greased hot griddle. Thosai is usually served with chutney and sambar.


2. Chapati


Made from wheat flour, salt and water, chapati is another alternative to a healthy flatbread. The mixture is kneaded then left to prove for 15 minutes to an hour for the gluten in the dough to develop. Small portions of the dough is pinched off then formed into round balls then circular rolling board and cooked on a hot griddle.

Chapati can be served with a variety of side dishes, but is often served with dhall and curry.


3. Nasi Kerabu

nasi kerabu

A popular dish in the east coast states of Malaysia, this blue-coloured rice is eaten with dried fish or fried chicken, crackers, pickles and other salads. The colour of the rice comes from butterfly-pea flowers that is used during the cooking process.

This dish can be considered healthy because of the amount of vegetables given.


4. Rojak Buah

rojak buah

A dish full of fruits like pineapple, turnip, guava, mango, papaya and topped with tofu and chopped peanuts. This dish is not only a healthier option but it is also very filling. It’s packed with plenty of nutrients and fibre from the fruits.

The sauce is a well-blended mix of shrimp paste, chilli sauce and belacan that gives the dish an extra kick.


5. Fish Vermicelli Noodle Soup

fish noodle soup

Soups are a hearty meal, something that makes you feel better even when you’re sick. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin).

The soup is a light broth made from anchovies that has been boiled for 20 minutes.


6. Popiah

Popiah is filled with grated turnips and sometimes also contain prawns, egg, peanuts and lettuce. A healthy option for your meal, it may look tiny but the popiah is quite filling- even 1 roll is enough.

Any other healthy local meals you know of?

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