Sago Kueh


Sago Kueh

The ingredients needed are:

1) 1 cup Sago – washed and drained

2) 2 ½ cups water

3) ¾ cup sugar

4) 1 tsp red food coloring

5) 1 pandan leaf – tied up

6) 1 cup white grated coconut and white – mix with a pinch of salt

This is how to prepare the recipe:

1) First, boil water with pandan leaves and red food coloring

2) When the water boils add the sago and sugar. Cook until the sago becomes clear and thickened  

3) Remove the pandan leaves and put the batter into the mould that has been wrapped with plastic or into small molds according to your taste.

4) steam for 20 minutes.

6) After that, the kueh is cooled and then cut. Mix with the white grated coconut that has been mixed with a bit of salt. Sago Kueh is ready to be served. 

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