Apom Lenggang



Ingredients needed  :

1 1/2 cup of rice flour

1/2 cup of wheat flour

1/2 cup of fine sugar

1 tsp of yeast

1 cup of coconut milk

An egg

A bit of salts

3/4 cups of cold rice 

1 1/2 cups of water


Here is how its prepared :

  1. First, add cold rice and water into a blender. Blend finely

  2. Next mix rice flour with wheat flour, fine sugar, yeast, coconut milk, an egg and the blended mixture. Mix well and add a bit of salts. Mix again.

  3. After that marinates for about 1 hour in a room temperature. Then mix again and strain to avoid lumps.

  4. Then heat the non-stick frying pan and brush a bit of oil on the surface. Scoop the mixture and spread apom evenly. Let it cooks until it turns crispy and golden brown.

  5. Fold it and apom lenggang is ready to be served.

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