8 Different Ways To Eat Durian


The unbeatable king of fruits. The majority of us have cravings for durian whenever its not in season so when we finally get our hands on it, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Nothing can beat eating a durian fresh from its shell. That first bite you take will always give chills and full on satisfaction. But here are some different ways you can eat durian if you want to change it up a little.


1. Durian Pastries

From cakes to puffs, you name it! Durian has been integrated into the pastry world for quite awhile now. Some purists (as in those who only like to eat durian as it is) may not agree but the rest of us are definitely enjoying the fusion.


These pastries are a milder way to ease yourself into enjoying durian. So if you’re a beginner, this could be your starting point.


2. Durian Dessert

Shaved ice, ice cream and even over sago. Durian dessert is perfect in this tropical weather.


A refreshing way to eat durian, these desserts are often topped with creamed durian and durian ice cream. The more durian, the better right?


3. Durian Panggang


Don’t be weirded out, eating durian this way makes it even more delicious. Grilling the durian gives the fruit a smoother texture.

All you need to do is put a durian on the griller and wait for the edges of the thorns to blacken.


4. Pengat Durian

One of the popular ways to consume durian, pengat durian is often eaten on its own or with a side of sticky rice.

Want to try and make this? Watch the video below to know how.


5. Kerabu Durian

Now this is unique. Think kerabu mango but instead of mango, you use durian.

All you need to do is pull apart an overripe durian and mix it with chillies and cucumbers. This is perfect when combined with rice.


You can also make this dish from the ‘bunga durian’ that grows next to the fruit. Just make sure to clean it properly before mixing it with the other ingredients.


6. Durian Chips

These chips are made from unripe durian so there isn’t the pungent smell. It tastes similar to potato chips so it’s quite addictive.


It’s perfect to snack on while watching your favourite show and by the time you know it, you’ve probably eaten the whole bowl. That’s how good it is.


7. Frozen

Another way to beat the heat.

The durian melts in your mouth and taste like the creamiest ice cream because it is just pure durian. No frills.


If you love the taste but hate the smell, try eating it this way because it loses the smell once frozen.


8. An interesting combination


Durian and rice with salt water and sugar sprinkled on top. Interesting right?

You may be shocked at this combination but this way of eating durian is famous in Kedah. It’s simple yet so delicious and satisfying.


With this much versatility, there’s no denying that the durian is the king of fruits. It’s no wonder that people crave for the fruit and patiently wait for its season.

Are there any other ways you eat durian?

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