7 Kuih Muih That’ll Make You Think Of The Ladies


Links between women and food can never be denied. Women are often thought to be looking pretty and dainty which can be seen in some delicacies that were probably inspired by them. Cakes aren’t the only thing that can blow us away with its beauty. Our kuih muih can definitely hold their own when it comes to tasting and looking good.

1. Bubur Puteri Berendam


Its name was probably coined from the sight of princesses bathing in the river with their maidens. With how vibrant the kuih looks, it’s no surprise that that came to mind. The combination of the chewy dough and the gula melaka and coconut milk sauce makes a sweet taste.

Making this kuih isn’t hard at all. All you need is rice flour, gula melaka and colouring for the ‘princesses’. And for the sweet sauce, you’ll need coconut milk, evaporated milk, sugar, salt and pandan leaves.

Mix the flour with water until it becomes a dough and doesn’t stick to your hands. Divide the dough into three for the different colours. Pink, white and green; up to you! After cutting the gula melaka into cubes, place it into the dough and mold it until it’s a circle.

For the sweet sauce, put the coconut milk, evaporated milk and pandan leaves in a pot to boil. Then add sugar and salt to taste. Now blanch the dough-balls until it rises to the top of the pot.

All that’s left to do is to scoop the kuih and sweet sauce in a bowl and eat it!

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2. Puteri Mandi


This second recipe is like the sister to the first recipe. Similar, and yet different.

What makes the Puteri Mandi is the fact that instead of having the gula melaka filling, its sauce is made from gula melaka.

The process of making Puteri Mandi is similar to Bubur Puteri Berendam. Mix in the flour and pandan water in a bowl until it’s fully combined. To cook it, put it in boiling water until it rises.

In another pot, cook the gula melaka until it thickens then add the shredded coconut. You can either cook it until it dries or leave it as sauce. It’s up to you! After that, you can put in the cooked dough into the pan and mix it until it’s fully coated.

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3. Kuih Qasidah


Much like a woman, kuih qasidah is an interesting combination of flavours. Originating from Kedah, this sweet and savoury kuih may confuse you at first but it will creep its way up your favourite list.

Fry the onions/shallots and set aside. Put flour, water, sugar and salt in one bowl and stir until its well mixed. In a pot, put the flour mixture inside with a bit of the onion’s oil and stir on medium heat. Once the mixture starts to bubble, pour it into a tray to set. Sprinkle the fried onions/shallots on top and let it cool.

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4. Kuih Puteri Ayu


Also known as kuih nyonya, this kuih looks pleasing to the eye. Unlike an apam that just looks adorable, kuih Puteri Ayu has more of an elegant feel with the touch of coconut on its head that resembles a tiara.

Sieve the flour and baking powder into a bowl. In another bowl, mix the eggs, sugar, ovulate and pandan essence until it peaks. Alternately pour the coconut milk and flour mixture into the bowl. Once mixed, add the green colouring.

To cook, put coconut at the bottom of the tin then add the mixture on top. Steam for 10-15 minutes.

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5. Seri Muka


Creamy and oh so satisfying. The Seri Muka is no stranger to being one of the most loved delicacies out there. Think of this as your first love, it may not be your favourite anymore but its still there lingering in your mind.

For the glutinous rice layer, steam glutinous rice and coconut milk in a tray for 30 minutes. Make sure you press the mixture down so it will stick to each other.

The top layer requires a mixture of coconut milk, pandan leaves, flour, corn flour, eggs and sugar. Once the mixture is made, pour it on top of the glutinous rice and steam for 30 minutes. Let it cool and it’s ready to be eaten!

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6. Mama Carrie


This biscuit is like that one aunt you see every festive season; you know of her, but only see her during festivities. Its sweetness gives a sense of comfort and familiarity.

To make the biscuit, beat the butter and sugar until it whitens. Then add the egg yolk and vanilla essence. Put in the flour mixture and mix. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes before rolling it out to cut.

For the icing, beat the egg whites until it peaks then add icing sugar and corn flour.

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7. Kuih Cincin


Girls and accessories go together like peas in a pod but this ring is better eaten not worn.  Kuih cincin originates from Sabah and has a complex combination of flavours that makes it unique to the state.

To make this kuih, mix the sugars in boiling water until it melts. Then pour it into rice flour. Mix it until it turns into dough then add in the granulated sugar and salt to taste.

After leaving it to rest for one night, begin shaping the dough and fry it until golden brown.

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There’s no denying that our kuih muih has its unique edge just like the ladies. So what are you waiting for? Try these recipes to add a little more sweetness to your life!

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